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Start the week Yoga

Simple flowing Yoga sequences combined with Hatha, Yin and always ending with Savasanah.

Monday 6.30 – 7.30pm With Jennie Dodd

Mid week morning flow

Come to this Hatha flow Yoga class and combat those mid-week blues. Lengthen and strengthen muscles with flowing Yoga sequences. Up your energy and resilience with this mindful mid-week pit stop.

Wednesday 9 – 10am With Jennie Dodd

Re-Engergize & Stretch

A fusion of Lotte Berk, ballet barre, Pilates, Yoga and the best of stretching and toning exercises from the world of dance. This is a signature class designed to give you a strong centre and nimble limbs!

Starting Thursday 19 September 9.30-10.30am With Jennie Dodd

Mind & Soul

Gentle flowing Yoga that uses principles from Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin. Followed by a sound bath and/or guided visualisation.


Thursday 6.30-7.30pm – please note that classes over the summer will be confirmed on the day depending on uptake. With Jennie 


Sound Bath

A truly relaxing and energising experience. Sound Baths are both timeless and cutting edge. A unique way in to meditation. Lie back and feel the vibes from gongs, crystal singing bowls and therapeutic percussion. For more information get in touch or click on this Sound Therapy link

Dates tbc

With Jennie Dodd

Laughter Yoga

A fun and funny way to exercise. Laughter Yoga sparks joy and reduces cortisone levels. A brilliant way to find focus, relaxation, health and happiness! First class free.  Starts Tuesday 18 September 5-5.45pm

Wednesday 5-5.45pm

With Jennie Dodd

Private classes

Classes available through the week. 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 classes supplement your existing practice, ease you back into exercise and give you a boost when you need it at a time to suit you!  Because every body is unique! Price starts at £25

Monday to Saturday morning With Jennie Dodd

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is a chance to have fun, exercise, get creative and fit at the same time.  Suitable for all ages this class will give family members confidence as they get stronger and more flexible.  There will be a chance to get creative as you work together to create Yoga flows and stories inspired by nature.

The cat, the tortoise and the hare gather under the crescent moon and the tallest tree at Nimblelimbs Studio what happens next is up to you!  Great as a regular class or a one off Yoga party. Suitable for all ages and abilities, prices start at £25.

Classes available through week at a time to suit you With Jennie Dodd


Book your class ahead For more information contact Jennie

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