Get Yoga not flexible!

It’s really nice to find this article in the Metro today Get Yoga not flexible! To enjoy class more focus on tending to the inner world and not so much about what’s going on ‘out there’.

Disarming the ego is one the reasons I think it’s important to have fun in class and although it’s great to have concentrated ambitious peak moments it’s so important to remember that it’s the moment to moment experience that’s the  thing! We may come to Yoga to find physical strength and flexibility but, it doesnt take long to realise that really what we are looking for is to feel comfort and ease in the body and in our minds.


Feel out a personal flow one that looks and feels unique to us and create a bespoke practice that suits our own body our own mind.


Keeping awareness of breath, releasing when we find we are holding our breath keeps us in the moment and waxes the way to finding our flow.

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