I recently ran a Yoga party for some really cheerful 30 year olds at a Reforge Retreat in Black Torrington near Dartmoor. We did some fun partner work and super hero asanas – they were actually in super hero costumes 🤸🏻‍♀️🕺 so much laughter and bubbly chatter until that blissful peaced out shavasana. Yoga outdoors doesn’t always turn out to be a good idea no matter how good it sounds! It can be uncomfortable underfoot, insect or sun stroke prone. A bell tent is a great solution, the best of both worlds! Fancy dress Yoga party, the idea just fills me with laughter… how about Star wars, or Greek Gods, Rock Gods, or sea creatures 🤣🤣 I think it’s just brilliant and cant wait for next time! Get in touch with Faith and her partner who run this pretty amazing venue and book your event! www.reforgeretreat.com