Yoga Party? I’ll have some of that!

I recently ran a Yoga party for some really cheerful 30 year olds at a Reforge Retreat in Black Torrington near Dartmoor. We did some fun partner work and super hero asanas – they were actually in super hero costumes ??‍♀️? so much laughter and bubbly chatter until that blissful peaced out shavasana. Yoga outdoors doesn’t always turn out to be a good idea no matter how good it sounds! It can be uncomfortable underfoot, insect or sun stroke prone. A bell tent is a great solution, the best of both worlds! Fancy dress Yoga party, the idea just fills me with laughter… how about Star wars, or Greek Gods, Rock Gods, or sea creatures ?? I think it’s just brilliant and cant wait for next time! Get in touch with Faith and her partner who run this pretty amazing venue and book your event! www.reforgeretreat.com


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