Yoga, dance and messing around in the sun

I just came back from a really inspiring few days in Catalonia staying with some old friends in the countryside. I got the chance to dance alot, salsa, contact improv, scottish coutry dancing, disco, some other kind, a new fusion of them all and Yoga!

Especially fun to be able to do some acro Yoga as they call it now or as we call it ‘playing’ with my old dancing pal Tamsin who has been travelling around the world with her beautiful family.

Yoga devon

How I envy that gyspy life but, I have to accept now is not the time for me to travel and I am so lucky to have such a lovely studio here in the middle of nowhere in Devon!  I saw a lovely little boutique art cafe in Casserres that reminded me of the shop in Chocolat and thought the activity menu outside was so sweet that I would borrow the idea and so apart from our ongoing group classes here is our current ‘menu’! Pleased to say that there is also the option to order off menu!


In other news I am really looking forward to teaching Yoga this coming week at Retreats for You This is a writers retreat that has a writing, Yoga and healthy eating week every month. So, I’m really forward to meeting the course participants and the classes are open to locals. Get in touch for more info.

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