Growing up beside Avebury in Wiltshire was really fun and I was always fascinated by the stories people make and act out in the stone circle and surrounding landscape. It’s a really magical place and I loved how respectful and calm everyone was this last weekend. People meditating, practicing Yoga or just lying in the shade of the sarson stones and trees. However, I tend to get a bit over excited when I first get there and just have to cartwheel and clamber ??‍♀️ going back still thrills me ? My dissertation 20 years ago was around ecstatic dance and crop circles in Pewsey Vale (temporary temples of the universal subconscious) and although my fascination has subsided somewhat I am intrigued to discover just how much an influence Avebury had on me during my formative years and beyond. Sleeping on the top of Silbury hill, watching the sunrise several times on the solstice, singing around the pond. It’s the people that are drawn there that make it a place that I feel relaxed and safe in. After seeing some people playing their instruments in the circle I’m just so excited about my upcoming sound therapist training at the British School of Sound Therapists and Paiste 22″ brilliant Symphonic gong that should arrive quite soon, question is in Kennet Long Barrow and it’s awesome acoustics going to be ready? ????‍♀️ , ,

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