Lub dub

Over the last few days I’ve been so interested in the relationship between the heartbeat, music and movement and have had a series of happy accidents on the theme!

Had a long chat with my mum who’s writing a children’s book, we spoke about the heartbeat and it’s relationship to language and specifically to iambic pentameter or hexameter e.g. Shakespeare’s ‘But soft! What light through yonder window breaks’ or the classic ‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again’ the opening lines to Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Later that day I turned on the radio to catch some of a brilliant progamme called The Skipped Beat which was about just that!


I have also, discovered a fantastic composer called James Hood and found myself spinning around dancing a doodle to a track called The Human Heart in D.


The lub dub or heart beat rhythm has been used for ever to unite people through the arts. In sound relaxation it is used to settle the heart rate and pave the way for a relaxing sonic journey, straight from the heart.

Practise makes perfect!



A few days after the intensive training at BAST things are settling into place and beginning to make sense! My bowls are tuned and my bongers have been polished up! Look out for upcoming sound relaxation dates here at the studio and a big thank you to my case study volunteers the first session will be coming atcha soon!

Sun, sea, singing bowls

I’m staying in Bognor Regis training at BAST The British School for Sound Therapy. It’s a really inspiring place to be and I’ve become fascinated by the rhythm of the sea and taking great pleasure in walking along the beach, see happy dogs being walked, people jogging, stretching, waking up in the morning! We are halfway through the training now and it’s been so interesting to learn about different techniques of creating therapeutic space with sound. Crystal bowls sound so amazing and also the beautiful soft warm round sounds of the singing bowls. Yesterday we did lots of different drumming games and had a drum circle which was really fun especially after I heated up my drum. It hadnt been used for a while so it sounded really funny to begin with!