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£6 pay-as-you-go or 6 for £30. There are times available during the week for bespoke classes for £25 an hour.



What to expect from Yoga at Nimblelimbs

Classes at Nimblelimbs Studio are designed to allow you to flow with grace and connect with inner joy, creativity and playfulness.

The underlying ethos is in the true spirit of Yoga, accessible community classes open to all levels and ages.

Who for?
 Those seeking a positive and lighthearted environment

 Core and muscular strength
 Balance and coordination
 A means of expression

What to expect?
 Music being played during class
 The teacher to talk through the asanas or poses providing somatic imagery and technical teaching points
 Above all; mindfulness, awareness, embodiment

Top tip!
Don’t take yourself too seriously and embrace your playful side


I think that all mind patternings are expressed in movement, through the body. And that all physically moving patterns have a mind. That’s what I work with’
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Sattva Sounds

I chose the name Sattva Sounds for my sound therapy work after reading Spiritual Compass by Satish Kumar and writings by Bhagavad-gita. 
Sattvic is buoyant, shining and elegant and more… a sattvic lifestyle means living simply, naturally and originally. All the qualities I aim to be with especially when giving a sound journey.
Sound therapy makes something pure, illuminating and yet grounded come from simple instruments chosen for their vibrational qualities.
My hope is that you will enjoy the experience and find a clearer understanding of yourself as a result. Like shining our windows so that a pure clear light can shine through.




Arts for children

Classes for under 10s. These classes use story telling music, dance, Yoga and drama to capture childrens’ imagination and encourage them to express themselves, learn new skills and to work well in a group. Get in touch with Jennie for more information. I am a Qualified Teacher, with up to date DBS and child protection certificate.

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